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Ready to slow down to speed up your success in this era of Aquarius?

I’ll show you A,B,C,D of achieving your ultimate successful life with ease and grace even in the midst of uncertainty.  80% flow, 20% effort, 10x result. How?

Crystalizing your intentions and aligning your actions energetically for success, in sync with your intelligence, intuition, universal abundance, and planetary shifts. How?

"Learn to connect from your head to heart" so you can flow from intelligence to intuition and create an Aligned, Balanced, Creative, and Diva life. How?

Meditation and Alignment Coaching.

About Uri

Hey, I'm Uri. And I'm thrilled the Universe sent you here...


I’ve spent my entire adult life immersed in inner growth alchemy and I've made it my life's mission and purpose to help high achievers and busy career parents (like you!) discover your life purpose and embrace your inner growth alchemy. So that you too can create a balanced family life and soul-aligned business.


Because you are here for a reason, to unlock your full potential and share your light with the world.

Because you can achieve your wildest dreams with ease and grace.

Because you can shift, shape, and create your reality. Own your highest version, Diva.


Embrace your inner growth alchemy, heal your inner child, discover your inner artist and share your creative genius with the world.

You're here to share your unique gifts with humanity.

And your Genius.

And you're here to leave your ripple.

And it's my job to make sure that you stay aligned, balanced, and creative while being a superhuman living your passion and your purpose.

How do we do it?

We use a number of tools to help you holistically transform your life, relationships, and business using my special methodology:

Align, Balance and Create your Diva Life.

The result? Mental clarity, calmness, and centeredness even in the midst of uncertainty. Peaceful all-night sleep, a smile on your face, and spaciousness in your chest. Relaxation and expansion. The flow of incredible abundance. An authentic relationship with yourself, thriving marriage, and conscious parenting. Soul-aligned business and spiritual fulfillment. Let's get Abundant! We don't have time to waste...

Get to hear my story

Ready to heal your life/relationships and thrive in your career/business and dance in the creation of your joy and possibilities?

Book your free “Life RE-imagined” Discovery Call with me, Uri Yeszerski.

In this powerful session you will leave with:

Create a crystal clear vision for ultimate success in 2021 and beyond;

Uncover the hidden challenges that are keeping you from getting all the results that you want and more;

You’ll leave the session renewed, energized and inspired to create the thriving life you’ve been striving for; and

The “next step” action plan for 20% effort, 80% flow, 10x results for transforming into Your Diva Life in 6-12 months from now.

Are you in?


Start Here...

Grow your self-confidence with inner discovery and mastery meditation coaching programs, become unshakeable with the meditation diva community, discover your life purpose and create your soul-aligned business.

Choose your journey...


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The journey of a thousand miles starts here.

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Private Meditation Coaching
(6-12 months Program )

Master your inner game, so you can be a better leader, partner and parent. 

Alchemize work-life balance as work-life play " Flow State"

Master your depression as reflection, failure as success, pain as growth, passion as purpose.  

Audit your creative genius zone, access clarity, and empowerment, accelerate your inside-out growth.

Discover your life purpose and create your soul-aligned business.

Activate your health and wealth abundance

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ATTN: Professional women who is looking to rock Work-Life Balance.

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With online daily creative meditation and nutrition for healthy living, you can create a more harmonious and peaceful lifestyle.

Discover your inner world with international healthy cuisine and creative guided meditations to Italy, India and Hawaii.

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These popular individual short classes are a great place to start, if you’re not yet ready to join a full lifestyle program.

Start Your Journey

6 weeks of Inner Discovery

Beginner meditation coaching class will teach you 6 creative meditation styles in 6 weeks. You will learn to breathe, connect with your heart for clarity and relax your body for better sleep and performance. You will discover and clear your energetic blocks and heal your inner child. 

This training runs with a limited number of students with live coaching support. 

Get on the waiting list to get notified about next class. 

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12 weeks of Inner Mastery

This is an advanced meditation coaching program to guide you on your journey of inner artist discovery. You will master powerful self-energy healing and self-coaching tools for clarity and creativity. You will activate your abundance codes, audit your genius zone, and discover your purpose.

Pre-requisite: Must have completed beginner meditation program via 6 weeks Inner Discovery group class or 4 weeks private coaching.


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Monthly Meditation Diva Membership

This is an online community of heart to heart connection, creation and collaboraion. You will witness real time inspirational stories of real life Diva's (like you!). Transforming their lives with interesting workshops, enlightening content and empowering tribe.

Meditation Diva Membership will help you master your inner game with meditation and mindfullness so you can be a better leader, partner and parent.

Free trial for 30 days


Hi! I’m Uri, a life change artist, inner child healer, professional passion finder, life purpose roadmap strategist and intuitive meditation coach.

What can I do for you?

I work with clients to identify their blindspots, address their blocks and empower quantum leap growth.

What results will you see?

My clients often heal their inner child, discover their inner artist, and find their life purpose. Clients experience transformational breakthroughs in their self-worth, health, and wealth.

Why do I do what I do?

I am living my highest purpose to be of service for others to live their highest purpose. I believe everyone is born with a gift to make our world a better place than we came to.  

What will I walk away with?

I am serving myself and clients with a self empowerment leadership tool. As everyone has an ability to learn self-energy healing and self-coaching tools for a meaningful career, a thriving marriage, and conscious parenting.

What's in it for you?

Grow and shine from the inside out so you can create a diva life of power, presence, and purpose.

More about me

The Toolbox

  • Self-care tool kit for Soul Success: Aligned, Balanced, Creative and Diva Life 

    Proven life strategies, practical life experiences, intuitive reading, energetic alignment tools that you can learn and integrate on yourown to lead a purpose-full life and soul-aligned business.

  •  Mindset Mastery: Insight Downloads 

    Transformational Mindset Coaching that gives you clarity around your resistance to your purpose and helps you develop the mindset for true success.

  •  Success Strategy & Consulting

    Action plans, templates and strategies that will result in real outcomes.

  •  Manifestation Mastery

    Learn how to utilize the spiritual laws of the Universe to uplevel your success even further.

  •  Accountability & Support

    A powerful accountability and support system to help you design your personalized system for success.

Life Coach Calgary

Book your free 30-minute “Quantum Leap Your Growth Results in 90 Days”











Strategy Call with me,

Uri Yeszerski.


In the last session of the program, Dan felt so spacious inside like a blank paper when he opened his eyes from a short guided meditation with Uri. Dan is a busy financial advisor, an amazing father of 2 children, an incredible husband, and a caring son to his older parents. Dan is one of the busiest bosses and working parents that I know of. If he can make time and corner for his mental clarity and mindfulness, you too can learn to meditate with our inner-discovery program.

Watch him share about his experience of creating his meditation experience that works for his busy lifestyle.

Hedi felt an immediate shift in her heart from sadness (from losing her mom a year ago) to her usual joyful self (that she used to be before) during her first meditation coaching session. She slept through the night after her second session after years of being not able to. She decided to discover her creative talent and she started taking guitar lessons and now dances the hula. She discovered many more of her inner joy, creative genius, and inner peace. She knew nothing of meditation, now she meditates twice a day regularly. Because she learned many different meditation styles through the inner discovery program then she found what works for her with Uri's teaching and coaching style. She is a queen to her king and raising two princesses on the island of Hawaii. She is one of the most caring realtors with a master's degree in finance from a top European university. Hedi is such an amazing client to have had the absolute pleasure of empowering her on her inner growth alchemy.

Meet My Client Hunnelle: Goddess of honesty and creativity. Creator of 4 kids, 3 grandkids, wife, veteran, and former army journalist. She has an incredible creative talent and creates the most beautiful watercolors. I met her at a trade show and fell in love with her designs. I was her client first. Then she became my client. She wanted to learn to focus her monkey mind. I call hers an incredibly creative mind that is a fountain of ideas and inspiration. She learned heart breathing techniques that help her stay focused on tasks. She also had a hard time disconnecting from her active brain and creative work that she loves so very much. She would stay up all night at times. Since she introduced meditation into her daily routine, she is able to stay centered, focused, and balanced. I am so delighted and honored that she created an original watercolor artwork of her inner growth transformation experience for our meditation coaching programs. My clients inspire me.

Meet Marla, gracious goddess mother and businesswoman who has been meditating for years. Hear her share her experience of meditation coaching and ancestral energy healing.

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